Commercial vs Open Source Phishing Simulation Tools

Are you a Security or IT Professional looking to protect your business? Don't get stuck using a legacy approach to solve modern problems. Take a look at how CanIPhish compares to open source phishing simulation tools and decide what best suits your needs.

Getting bogged down with manual open source phishing simulation deployments?

You need a free phishing simulator that doesn't take days to get up and running.

  • Time Efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Realistic Phishing
Phishing Simulation Platforms CanIPhish Proprietary GoPhish Open Source
Perpetual Free Tier
SaaS Deployment
On-Premise Deployment
Open Source Codebase Limited
Managed Mail Servers
Managed Phishing Websites
Configurable Infrastructure
Training Modules
Domain Scanning Tools
Campaign Scheduling Limited
Email Template Editor
Phishing Email Library
Phishing Website Library
Sender Domain Spoofing
Executive Reporting Limited
Support & Security
Azure AD & Google Workspace Integration
Office 365 & Google Workspace Report Phish Add-ons
Long-term Platform Support Limited
Ticket, Chat, Email and Phone Support
Comprehensive Knowledge Base Limited
Configurable Cloud Data Storage
Configurable Multi-Factor Authentication
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Why CanIPhish

Do more with a modern solution
Training Modules

Fully self-service. From sign-up, to delivery to user education.

Run phishing simulations under a perpetual free tier subscription. Or flexibly upgrade and downgrade plans at your own convenience.

  • Free sign-up, no trial period
  • No credit cards, no sales calls
  • No commitments, only benefits
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Advanced real-time campaign tracking and reporting

See which users are vulnerable to phishing, view historic campaigns and track your phish click trend over the past 12 months.

  • Track campaigns in real-time
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Compare historic trends with active campaigns
Laptop outline
Laptop outline

Phishing libraries that update with the latest trends

We help you to train your users to detect the most advanced threats by blending vulnerabilities, exploits and phishing material into live simulations.

  • Evolving phishing libraries
  • Interactive setup wizard
  • Multi-template support
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