Meet The Team

Gareth Shelwell

Operations Manager at CanIPhish

Welcome to my profile! I'm Gareth Shelwell, and I proudly steer the ship as the Operations Manager at CanIPhish, a company at the forefront of cloud-delivered phishing simulations and security awareness training. With a strategic blend of innovation and insight, we're dedicated to enhancing cyber awareness and fortifying digital defenses. As a seasoned professional with a penchant for excellence, my role has a variety of responsibilities including customer success, business development, operational finesse, and the orchestration of day-to-day activities.

I enjoy guiding teams towards triumph in the ever-shifting landscape of cybersecurity. My commitment to cultivating lasting relationships, my keen eye for emerging trends, and my passion for optimizing operational efficiencies have been instrumental in the collective ascent of CanIPhish.

Beyond the luminous glow of computer screens, you'll find me embracing the symphony of the outdoors. From scaling rugged peaks to traversing serene woodland trails, nature's grandeur offers the perfect counterpoint to the digital intricacies I navigate daily. It's this balance between the tangible and the virtual, the secure and the exploratory, that truly defines me. So, whether I'm delving into the architecture of cyber landscapes or embarking on nature's own adventures, one thing remains constant: my unwavering commitment to growth, both in the technological realm and within myself.