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CanIPhish maintains an ever-evolving library of free phishing websites that update with the latest trends. Don't just take our word for it... Come take a look at some of our example websites!

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The goal of phishing websites

Phishing websites typically have a common set of goals, they're designed to steal or capture sensitive information from a target. This commonly comes in the form of credential harvesting or theft of credit card information.

These goals are typically met by combining phishing websites with phishing emails. Phishing emails are used as the initial mechanism to trick a user into landing on a phishing website. Once on the phishing website, the attacker needs to masquerade as a legitimate service to entice targets into providing their sensitive data.

Equipped with this information, take a look at the free phishing website templates offered by CanIPhish and see if you'd fall for the phish! Looking for a free phishing link generator? Create a free account and look at the unique ways we generate and obfuscate phishing links!

User Awareness Training
User awareness training page displayed upon target compromise.