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Use our interactive phishing email simulator to select the perfect phish from our curated library of phishing emails. Dynamically modify the email language and employee attributes below!

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Note: Click the links and attachments to see what an employee would see!

What does the interactive phishing email simulator provide?

The team at CanIPhish developed this tool to provide you with an interactive experience to see how a phishing email would look before actually delivering it. Each email is made up of 3 distinct components.

  1. The email sender address and display name. Using our platform we provide you with a number of out-of-the-box sender profiles but you can modify these, spoof domains and even use your own domains.
  2. The email body and subject. Crafting an enticing phish is crucial for the success of any simulated phishing campaign. Use our out-of-the-box email templates, modify them or create your own.
  3. The payload. This can either be an attachment or link to a phishing website. At CanIPhish, we provide a fully managed platform which includes hosted phishing websites and attachments. These are dynamically included at the time of delivery and provide employees with the experiencing of seeing a truly realistic phish without any of the risk. Our phishing websites do not capture any credentials and our attachment simply displays an image in Microsoft Word.

At CanIPhish, we utilise all three components to create phishing bundles. You simply select from one of our 60+ bundles, provide the target list and schedule your campaign. If you'd like to send out a simulated phishing test and train your employees, simply sign-up for free and get started!

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