Security Awareness Training — Program Generator

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This tool provides you with a security awareness training program tailored to meet your specific needs. The information needed to generate this program is captured in a multi-step interactive wizard where you'll be asked for information about your organization, compliance and regulatory needs, and training objectives.


  • Industry Benchmarking: This tool will give you unique insights into what you can do to create a modern training program that adheres to common compliance frameworks and regulatory standards.
  • Improved Employee Engagement: By understanding what your objectives are, this tool can provide a variety of practices and recommendations that will improve employee engagement with your training program.
  • Targeted Training Content: By identifying your unique needs, this tool will identify relevant and impactful training content.
  • Targeted Phishing Content: By identifying unique organizational attributes, this tool will identify relevant and realistic phishing content.

Important Note: Upon completion of this wizard, you’ll be provided with a unique 12-character program code which can be used to save and return to your program at any time.