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A free email spoofing tool

Is your domain vulnerable to email spoofing?

Email Spoofing Tool - Analyse your email supply chain

Email Spoofing Test - Features

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Domain Spoofing Discovery

Using a tailor-made analysis engine, test and identify vulnerable SPF & DMARC configurations on any given domain.

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Mail Receiver Analysis

Using a variety of proprietary techniques, identify what mail gateways, spam filters and malware filters any given domain is leveraging.

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Mail Sender Analysis

Using a tailor-made scanning engine, identify the full mail sender supply chain of any given domain.

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Mail Sender Visualisation

Enhance and visualise mail sender supply chains with near exact geolocation and IP blacklisting information.

Cloud storage

Scanning Automation

Create an account and leverage the CanIPhish API to programmatically scan domains. Or locally scan using our GitHub project.

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Historic Searching

Registered users can view their searches and monitor their email spoofing vulnerabilities over time with our global historic search dashboard.