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CanIPhish redefines employee security training with bite-sized learning modules that include interactive quizzes and animated videos. Our immersive approach makes training enjoyable and impactful.

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Free Security Awareness Training. Upskill & Engage.

Launch your cyber awareness to new heights with CanIPhish. Our free security awareness training platform is automated, adaptive, and engaging. Seamlessly weave education into employee workflows and transform your organization's cybersecurity culture.
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Our Advantages

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  • Integrated & Automated - Mesh education into daily workflows with ease using powerful built-in automation.
  • Robust Tracking – Gain unparalleled insight with a clear view of progress and engagement metrics.
  • Fully Gamified – Motivate through badge-based gamification and competitive company leaderboards.
  • Personalized Learner Dashboard - Empower employees with a dedicated hub for their learning journey.
  • Flexible & Personalized - Customize your learning experience by creating tailor-made courses within the platform.

Gamified To Boost Engagement

Earn badges as symbols of skill mastery, encouraging continuous learning and competition in a fun and rewarding way. Our dynamic company leaderboard sparks a healthy competitive spirit, pushing individuals and teams to exceed their limits.

By tapping into the natural human desire for recognition and rewards, CanIPhish unlocks unprecedented levels of engagement.


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Explore our ever-expanding, free security awareness training videos featured in each micro-learning module. Each lesson is crafted to transform complex security concepts into manageable and memorable learning opportunities.

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Recommended For All Employees
  • Course Duration
  • 7 Minutes
Ransomware training thumbnail
Recommended For All Employees
  • Course Duration
  • 7 Minutes
Physical Security training thumbnail
Recommended For All Employees
  • Course Duration
  • 6 Minutes
Using Artificial Intelligence Securely training thumbnail
Recommended For Skilled Employees
  • Course Duration
  • 8 Minutes
Multi-factor Authentication training thumbnail
Recommended For Skilled Employees
  • Course Duration
  • 6 Minutes
Device Security training thumbnail
Recommended For All Employees
  • Course Duration
  • 6 Minutes

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Say farewell to clunky, outdated training platforms. CanIPhish is engineered for ease, allowing you to get started in minutes. Plus, you'll be on top of your next compliance audits with comprehensive analytics and robust tracking capabilities.

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Powerful Tools At Your Disposal

Seamlessly pair free phishing training with cybersecurity awareness training for the ultimate security posture uplift. With CanIPhish at your side and no technical skills required to get set up, there's never been a better time to get started.

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Security Awareness Training

Complete security awareness training with eLearning modules that include animations and quizzes.

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Phishing Simulations

CanIPhish lets you deploy hyper-realistic, real-world phishing simulations in just a few clicks.

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Free Program Generator

Conquer compliance using our state-of-the-art, AI-powered, free security awareness program generator.

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Free Cybersecurity Training with a Gamified Twist

Traditional cybersecurity training often falls short, failing to engage or resonate with employees. CanIPhish carves a new path and revolutionizes training through gamification, transforming cyber security training for employees into a captivating, interactive experience. Our bite-sized learning modules are not just informative—they're enjoyable.

By integrating security awareness training videos with interactive quizzes and animated stories, we ensure that complex security concepts stick. Gamification isn't just a buzzword; it's a proven method to boost retention and engagement, making cyberawareness not just a task but a fulfilling journey for your team.

The Benefits Of A Free Employee Training Platform

In an era where cybersecurity threats loom larger than ever, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge to fend off attacks is paramount. CanIPhish stands out by offering free cyber security courses, including phishing training, enabling users to create cybersecurity boot camps free of charge. This initiative enables organizations of all sizes to strengthen their defenses without the financial burden.

From organizations new to security awareness training to those with mature programs in place, CanIPhish stands out as a well-rounded solution for top-tier security education. Whether you're looking for free phishing training or comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training, our platform ensures it's delivered effectively and economically.

What Makes Us Different?

What sets CanIPhish apart is our commitment to providing a security training platform that includes a perpetual free tier and a holistic approach to cybersecurity education. Unlike typical paid cybersecurity training programs, our platform seamlessly pairs phishing training with an extensive suite of powerful cybersecurity awareness resources. Our unique approach makes complex security concepts easy to understand and remember. This ensures that your team comprehends and embraces their role in safeguarding your organization.

CanIPhish is designed as a self-service platform that is accessible to all organizations. We have taken care of the infrastructure, so there is no need for technical expertise to get started.

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