The Top 25 Information Technology Memes of 2024

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Gareth Shelwell Last Updated: May 17, 2024

Technology is engrained in our lives, regardless of which generation you belong to.

These 25 memes capture the universal quirks and hiccups that come with living in a tech-savvy world.

Sharing these memes can make a friend or colleague smile, especially when technology has turned on them! Enjoy the collection and don't forget to share them!

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#25 You’ll Have Plenty of Support They Said

We've all found ourselves in this all-too-common scenario: the job description promises ample help and support along the way, painting a picture of a collaborative and nurturing environment. Yet, reality hits, and you find yourself deep in the trenches, struggling to keep your head above water, with help nowhere in sight.

This stark contrast between expectation and reality can be both frustrating and disheartening, but it's a shared experience that many can relate to in the working world.

#24 If You Break It, You Buy It...Or Is It: If You Buy It, You Break It?

Musk's acquisition of Twitter appears to have triggered a chain of unfortunate events, transforming the social media giant into a metaphorical dumpster fire. Whether it's policy adjustments, widespread layoffs, or user backlash, this meme underscores the ongoing turmoil and unpredictability that Twitter (now X) is experiencing under Musk's ownership.

#23 F12 Got Me Feeling Like a Hacker

Press F12 now to instantly transition from casual user to elite hacker.

Go ahead, give it a try!

#22 May the Google Gods Favor You

Navigating the world of online business can often feel like you're at the mercy of a fickle emperor. This meme perfectly captures the anxiety of business owners as they await the judgment of Google's ever-changing search algorithm.

#21 Apple Vision Pro or Apple Vision No?

In the world of fast-paced tech innovation, there are grand promises and colossal flops. Is the Vision Pro just hype? Things are not looking good for Apple so far. Three months after its launch, Apple has already slashed the expected sales figures for 2024 and 2025.

#20 A Tale as Old as Time

The age old battle against the snooze button. Whether you're a chronic snoozer or just enjoy the comfort of knowing there's a backup (or five), this meme is sure to resonate with many of you.

#19 You’re Officially a Stalker

We've all been there—innocently scrolling through social media, only to find ourselves deep in the archives of an ex's profile. This meme hilariously captures the panic that sets in when you accidentally like a photo from 2015. You have two options here: double down and like a few more, or disappear forever.

#18 Bitcoin Gone Wild

If you've ever dabbled in digital currencies, you'll understand how its unpredictable nature can make you feel on top of the world one moment and like a financial failure the next.

#17 Legend Has It, They Are Still Texting

The official term is "hunt and peck typing," also known as two-fingered typing. It's commonly observed in boomers and looks as if each finger is indecisively acting on its own, separate from the typist's mind.

#16 If Your Browser Ain’t Slowing Your Computer Down, You’re Not Doing It Right

Ha, you think my desk is cluttered? You should see my browser! This meme is for all of you out there who have thoughts like, "Who knows, that obscure article from three weeks ago might suddenly become crucial!" or "Surely, I'll come back to that." We know you're out there!

#15 The Ugly Duckling

The Cybertruck's unique design has sparked a lot of debate. It has us at CanIPhish thinking, is the rugged, unapologetic boldness of the Tesla Cybertruck a thing of great beauty, or the ugly duckling destined to remain just that? Love it or hate it, there's no denying that the Cybertruck breaks the mold and challenges our conventional ideas of vehicle aesthetics.

#14 Buzz Word Buffoonery

Tech startups love their buzzwords. I'm sure you've all heard phrases like "leveraging disruptive innovation," "scalable solutions," "AI-driven insights," "cloud-native architecture," and "digital transformation" a thousand times over, to the point where the words don't mean anything—they're just generic jargon!

#13 ChatGPT Made Me Who I Am

ChatGPT and other AI tools have transformed many of our work lives. Tasks that took days can now be done in minutes. For those who actively embrace and leverage this technology, think how difficult your job would be without it!

#12 Stephen Forgets in Real Life He Isn't SUPERTROLL97

Internet trolls and keyboard warriors often hide behind anonymity. Here we see Stephen, AKA SUPERTROLL97 forgetting he's in RL (Real Life).

#11 Graduates Need Access to Time Machines

This meme humorously captures the unrealistic expectations often found in job postings where fresh graduates are somehow expected to have extensive experience right out of college. It should strike a chord with job seekers everywhere, bringing a touch of humor to the often frustrating job search process.

#10 Stop Trying to Make the Metaverse Happen

This gem takes a playful jab at Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious Metaverse project. Maybe the next generation would like to live in a world, which is not really a world, created by a guy who's not really a human!

#9 The Only WiFi Password You Need

Memorizing WiFi passwords can be a hassle. This meme humorously suggests the ultimate password that everyone can agree on.

#8 Musk's Hairline Is on the Money

They say money can't buy happiness, but as you can see by Musk's miraculous transformation, it certainly can buy hairlines!

#7 Trying to Take a Break From TikTok. It’s Going Well...

Many of us have been there— a self-imposed ban on social media. Telling ourselves a break is needed, only to find it harder than we thought!

The struggle to fight the urge to for a quick scroll is real!

#6 Not The Remote Working Policy I Expected

Remote work has become a major draw for job seekers. Just make sure to read your remote working policy carefully!

#5 It’s Gotten to the Point Where I Just Use Forget Password Every Time

Do you ever meet someone and within the very sentence they introduce themselves, it comes to mind that you have already forgotten their name? It's a common struggle, much like keeping track of all the passwords we create!

#4 ChatGPT Got Me My Degree

When it comes to academia, ChatGPT is a game-changer. This meme depicts a lighthearted take on a common student's dilemma: balancing the ethical use of AI as a helpful tool versus the temptation to jump in the passenger seat and let it take the wheel.

#3 If You Think You Know Better Than the GPS, You’re Taking the Long Way

Imagine someone thinking they know better than a modern GPS—it's like comparing your average commuter to an all-knowing oracle with a direct line to the internet's infinite wisdom. While your dad suggests turning left at the old oak tree, the GPS calculates the fastest route using real-time traffic updates, road conditions, and millions of data points.

#2 Keeping Your Algo Game Strong

Ah, the all too common scenario. One night, you stumble upon an oddly captivating video about competitive duck herding. Fascinated, you click on another and another until you realize you've spent hours watching ducks obediently follow shepherd dogs.

The next morning, you wake up to a social media feed dominated by ducks. Duck memes, duck videos, duck merchandise—your digital world has become a quacking nightmare.

Has this happened to you? Or is it just me?

#1 Work From Home For Life

For some, working from home amidst the pandemic was a juggling act. For others, it opened the door to a new kind of productivity, where you could seamlessly switch from tackling a big project to folding laundry, making the most of every minute!

How far would you go to work from home forever?

Final Thoughts

Sharing tech memes and resources helps people find those little nuggets of truth amidst the madness of our tech-filled world. It's comforting to know that others are dealing with the same tech headaches, making you feel less alone. Plus, a good laugh over a relatable meme can be just what you need to lighten the load and keep pushing through those tech challenges.

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