The Top 25 Cyber Security Memes of 2024

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Gareth Shelwell December 12, 2023 (Last Updated: January 15, 2024)

Often, laughter is referred to as the best medicine, but it may not be of much help when it comes to completing the overdue vulnerability assessment that your boss has constantly reminded you about. However, humor can relieve us from the stresses of cyber security and remind us that even though our work is important, it's okay to take a break and enjoy a good laugh!

From the hilariously relatable to the outrageously absurd, these 25 carefully selected memes capture the essence of our daily grind in cyber security.

So, let's take a short break from the rigors of our everyday routine. Remember, sharing a cyber security meme lightens the mood and fosters a culture of awareness and camaraderie within your organization. Enjoy and share away.

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#25 Your First Day In Cyber Security Meme

Have you ever come across the term "imposter syndrome"? It's a condition characterized by self-doubt in one's intellectual capabilities, skills, or accomplishments, especially among high-achieving individuals. This is quite common when starting out in the field of cyber security. However, it's important to remember that everyone had their first day at some point!

Your First Day In Cyber Security Meme - An elite army force with a clown in the middle.

#24 IT Support In The Office VS At Home Meme

Peter, skilled and capable, feels the weight of watchful eyes as he tackles the temperamental boardroom camera, each mouse click scrutinized by a room full of impatient executives. A routine fix becomes a high-stakes mission.

In contrast, Tom, in the comfort of his home and trusty office chair, effortlessly solves complex virtual conferencing issues in his casual attire, his only audience being his nonjudgmental, occasionally camera-blocking cats.

IT Support In The Office VS At Home Meme - One high stress office photo and one very relaxed man working from home.

#23 The Budget Before And After A Cyber Security Breach Meme

Anyone who's been in IT long enough knows that it often takes a catastrophe for IT security to be taken seriously by those who are outside the field. Let this meme serve as a warning to all those who aren't in the know: preventing a breach is exponentially cheaper than fixing one.

The Budget Before And After A Cyber Security Breach Meme.

#22 The CTO Attempting To Blend In With The Other Executives Meme

A CTO frequently faces the pressure to swap their beloved vintage Star Wars shirt for the stiff uniform of power suits and designer ties. This meme goes out to all those CTOs who have stood firm in their originality. Here's to the kind of CTO who commands respect in board meetings and reigns supreme on Stack Exchange forums. The type who chooses the comfort of familiar tees over the constriction of silk neckties, proving time and again that true brilliance often prefers binary code to dress codes.

The CTO Attempting To Blend In With The Other Executives Meme - The CTO standing in plain clothes amongst suited men.

#21 The Golden IT Support Ratio Meme

It's a truly relatable scenario. Under-resourced and overworked, this meme goes out to all those one-person IT Support "teams" out there in the world!

The Golden IT Support Ratio Meme - A cartoon of a dog in burning building saying it this is fine.

#20 Raise A Ticket Meme

For some, raising a ticket is akin to sending a message in a bottle, which may or may not be received. In reality, it's precisely the opposite. Raising a ticket offers several advantages.

  • Track and Document: Tickets ensure a detailed record of issues, facilitating future reference and knowledge base creation.
  • Prioritize Effectively: A ticketing system enables prioritizing issues based on urgency, impact, and severity.
  • Centralize Communication: All updates and notes are in one place, making information access more accessible and efficient.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Tickets help assign tasks based on team members' workload and expertise.
  • Ensure Compliance: Ticketing provides detailed records required for compliance in many industries, unlike direct messages.

Raise A Ticket Meme - If you could just raise a ticket, that would be great.

#19 Where Did All The Hot Singles Go Meme

This meme is light-hearted but highlights a real-world threat. Antivirus protection is crucial as it guards against malware, viruses, cyber threats, and scams that can compromise your data security and personal information. This underscores the importance of keeping your antivirus software updated and regularly running scans to ensure continuous and effective protection.

Where Did All The Hot Singles Go Meme - ever since I did a virus scan, all the hot single girls in my area seem to be missing.

#18 These Scam Calls Are Getting Out Of Control Meme

Have you ever wondered why scams are becoming so prolific? It's because people fall for them, and vast sums of money are being extracted from unsuspecting victims and organizations every day! Unfortunately, it's a growing trade, and while technical solutions exist and assist, security awareness is the key to staying safe in the digital world.

These Scam Calls Are Getting Out Of Control Meme - Getting a call from an unknown number in 2024.

#17 The Board's Cyber Security Expectations VS Reality Meme

Top-tier cybersecurity costs money. That's an undeniable fact. Here are two tips for getting your budget increased.

  1. Demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI): Build a compelling case by quantifying the potential financial impact of cyber threats versus the cost of investing in cybersecurity. Highlight how preventive spending can save the company from far more significant losses in the event of a breach.
  2. Leverage Real-World Examples and Scenarios: Use recent, high-profile cybersecurity incidents with significant financial and reputational repercussions for other companies. The team at CanIPhish has written a blog on the true cost of a breach, which includes some real-world examples and statistics.

The Board's Cyber Security Expectations VS Reality Meme - an image of an elite air force on top of an image of a family at home making paper planes.

#16 Reporting Your Own Simulated Phishing Campaign Meme

Why is running simulated phishing important?

Phishing simulations are essential tools that assess and improve employee awareness and reaction to phishing attacks, usually conducted through email and, in some instances, extended to SMS messages and phone calls. The increasing preference for training employees through these simulations is linked to the rising threat of phishing and the availability of phishing simulation platforms, making this type of training both effective and accessible.

Reporting Your Own Simulated Phishing Campaign Meme - Reporting the simulated phishing email, you sent.

#15 Phishing Test Success Meme

The purpose of conducting phishing tests is to educate employees about the risks of phishing attacks and how they can avoid falling prey to them. While sending simulated phishing emails can be fun, often with gamification elements like leaderboards and badges, we should remember that the ultimate goal is not to catch people out but to help them stay alert and protected against cyber threats. So, next time your organization evades your simulated attacks, wear it like a badge of honor!

Phishing Test Success Meme - Not a single person fell for the latest simulated phishing test.

#14 Increased Cyber Security Budget Meme

Caution: Please note that this meme depicts a purely fictional scenario and should not be interpreted as a reflection of actual real-world events.

Increased Cyber Security Budget Meme - We're increasing the cybersecurity budget.

#13 And Your RAM is Gone Meme

Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser, with around 80% of users. While the masses love it, it's a hungry app, and RAM is its favorite food.

And Your RAM is Gone Meme - You have 16GB of RAM, let me just open Google Chrome and it's gone.

#12 When Someone Reports Your Phishing Awareness Email Meme

For a light-hearted office prank with your colleagues, try cheekily reporting their phishing awareness material as suspected phishing.

When Someone Reports Your Phishing Awareness Email Meme.

#11 When The IT Team Gets A Shout-Out Meme

Not all heroes wear capes... some wear vibrant spandex, while others are right among us, blending in with the everyday crowd. This meme is dedicated to the IT teams, the silent guardians in our midst, tirelessly kicking goals and fortifying their organizations' security.

When The IT Team Gets A Shout-Out Power Rangers Meme

#10 Everyone Won't Stop Clicking On Phishing Emails Meme

An all-too-common issue in cyber security where the technical team may be highly skilled, but their efforts are undermined by the human factor.

What can you do as a cyber defender to combat the issue:

  • Training: Some folks aren't familiar with phishing. Continuous education and awareness training are essential to help employees recognize phishing attempts. Simulated phishing exercises can also be beneficial in training staff to identify and report suspicious emails.
  • Technical Controls: Utilize technical solutions such as email filtering and anti-phishing tools. These can help reduce the number of phishing emails that reach inboxes.
  • Culture Shift: Encourage a security-focused culture where everyone actively participates in cyber defense. Even sharing a funny meme can help start important conversations around cyber awareness!

Thumbs up meme - Expert cyber security team but everyone wont stop clicking on phishing emails

#9 When A Company Is Prepared To Spend Money On Cyber Security Meme

Many businesses aspire to have top-of-the-line IT infrastructure and security measures. However, there is often a disconnect between their ambitions and the financial resources they are willing to allocate. This leads to a common struggle of wanting high-quality technology but only being able to afford basic options.

If this is relatable, remember, you are not alone!

Sniffing Chees Meme - When A Company Is Prepared To Spend Money On Cyber Security Meme

#8 Praying To The Server Gods After A Cyber Attack Meme

Do you test your backups on a regular basis? Would your organization be able to recover if it were breached today?

Testing backups is essential; neglecting this step and relying on hope can lead to catastrophic data loss.

So, don't be like these guys: Hope, faith, and luck are not words you want associated with data recovery! Regularly test your backups to ensure they are reliable and recoverable.

Praying to the server gods Meme - Restoring from backup after a cyber attack

#7 Harmless IT Prank Meme

You either get em', or you get got. Be prepared with this list of fun IT pranks you can pull on your colleagues.

  • The Classic Wallpaper Trick: Take a screenshot of your colleague's desktop, then set it as the desktop wallpaper. Hide all the icons and the taskbar. Watch as they try to click on the non-responsive icons.
  • You're On Mute: This one requires a collective effort and is especially effective if someone joins the virtual meeting late. Let everyone in the meeting know who the target is. You will all collectively tell them they are on mute and pretend you can't hear them. Watch as they squirm and fuss, trying to figure out why it isn't working!
  • The Wireless Mouse Trick: Connect a wireless mouse to a colleague's computer and give it a little nudge every now and then. Watch as they try to figure out why their cursor is moving on its own.

Dr Evil Pinky Meme - New Starter in the IT department, time to block the mouse sensor with scotch tape

#6 Anakin The Cyber Defender Meme

When it comes to passwords, keep them long, strong, and unique—because 'password' is not a password; it's a welcome mat for hackers!

Anakin The Cyber Defender Meme - Changing the password policy to require 12 digit passwords

#5 Let's Bring IT On The Call Meme

You've all been in this situation, blissfully minding your own business, configuring your organization's firewall, polishing your incident response plan, developing your security protocols to stay ahead of emerging threats and planning your next simulated phishing campaign when your boss pings you on teams "Hey, can you jump into a meeting quick". Next thing you know, you're trying to explain that a chatbot can't replace your whole IT support team.

Let's Bring IT On The Call Meme - When the C-suite unexpectedly ask you to joing the teams meeting

#4 Morpheus Knows How To Helpdesk Meme

Raising a ticket versus sending an email to your IT team is the equivalent of booking a doctor's appointment versus shouting, "I don't feel well!" in the break room!

This is a reminder to all non-IT professionals out there. Help us help you! Don't just throw a message in a bottle, hoping it washes up in the right place; send up the bat signal by raising a ticket!

Morpheus Knows How To Helpdesk Meme - What if I told you raising a support ticket is more effective than sending me an email

#3 The Self-Deception Of Cyber Security Professionals Meme

It will be fun, they said. The self-deception of cyber security professionals is strong!

Your work often goes unsung, but remember, every cyber challenge conquered is a disaster averted, every vulnerability patched is a crisis contained, and every phishing attack thwarted is a testament to your vigilance!

The Self-Deception Of Cyber Security Professionals Meme - Working in cyber security is not stressful at all. Peter - 31  years old

#2 Nervous Cyber Security Puppet Meme

It's nothing to be ashamed of. Your prowess lies not in knowing everything but in having the ability to find answers in the vast expanses of the internet.

Next time someone calls you a geek, proudly tell them, "I'm not a geek; I'm just better at Google than you!"

Nervous Cyber Security Puppet Meme - Doctors: Googling stuff online doesn't make you a doctor. Literally everyone in cyber security...

#1 Using A Space Shuttle To Go To The Grocery Store Meme

At times, unraveling a tech puzzle demands the keen intellect of a seasoned cyber expert, someone who can navigate the complexities of the digital realm with ease. Other times, the solution is as simple as a reboot—the classic fix-all maneuver. And then, there are those serendipitous moments when an issue resolves itself with just the presence of a distinguished IT professional like yourself nearby.

In the end, each resolved issue, big or small, is a testament to the invaluable role you play as a cyber security professional.

Using A Space Shuttle To Go To The Grocery Store Meme - See this? It makes the internet

Bonus! There Is No Cloud Meme

Oh, we just couldn't leave out this last one!

There Is No Cloud Meme - There is no cloud, it's just a computer somewhere else

Do you consider yourself a cyber defender? Do you think that you could spot the phish? Check out our range of simulated phishing emails and phishing websites and get started with your IT security training today!

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