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CanIPhish provides a truly unique simulated phishing and security awareness training experience. We use realistic phishing, storytelling and micro-learning to train your employees.

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Why choose us?

A Self-Service Cloud Platform

  • Free Employee Training - CanIPhish has a perpetual free tier with unrestricted functionality and no obligations.
  • Integrated eLearning Platform – Run standalone security awareness training campaigns or auto-assign micro-learning to employees who fall for phishing emails.
  • Realistic Phishing Templates – Build your own templates or choose from our regularly updated global and locally-themed phishing websites and email templates.
  • Advanced Real-Time Reporting - Track campaigns in real-time, schedule reports, track trends and much more...

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    Upload the email address of employees you'd like to train with both manual and automated data imports available.

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    Send Phishing & Security Awareness Campaigns

    Schedule your first simulated phishing and security awareness training campaign. See our public demo!
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Protect your business

Phish, Train and Improve

Track employee compromises, reported phishing, training assignments and employee risk from a single unified console.

  • Employee Risk Scoring - Identify employees at a low, medium and high risk to phishing.
  • Report Phish Plugins - See which employees report suspected or simulated phishing.
  • Phishing Statistics – Track phishing email opens, links clicked, credentials compromised and attachments opened.
  • Training Statistics – Track employee trainings assigned, completed and overdue.

Free Phishing Training Tools All In One Place

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Training Course Library

Leverage our library of micro-learning training courses to quickly and efficiently train your employees!

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Scalable and Customisable

Take control of your phishing campaigns with customisable phishing emails, websites, sender profiles and delivery frequencies.

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Comprehensive Support

Ticket, chat, email, and phone support available. Additionally, get the most out of CanIPhish with our comprehensive knowledge base.

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Phishing Library

Gain full access to the ever evolving library of phishing emails and websites that CanIPhish maintains.

Cloud storage

Flexible Infrastructure

Our highly dynamic platform enables you to use either our hosted mail and web servers or your own.

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A full solution for anyone

Whether you’re an enterprise looking to train users, a red teamer conducting a penetration test; or a hobbyist, we have you covered.

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