Free Phishing Awareness Training

Secure your business using CanIPhish’s free phishing tools that includes the world’s first fully self-service phishing simulation platform. You can identify employees vulnerable to attack, conduct phishing training and prevent phishing attacks. Don't wait till its too late, try it now for free!

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Phishing Email Training for Employees

In 2020 75% of organisations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack and 96% of those attacks arrived by email. CanIPhish’s market-leading phishing software blends social engineering with real-world phishing material to launch realistic phishing tests. Discover and evaluate employees that are susceptible to social engineering attacks. Educate those employees with phishing awareness training by targeting them with simulated phishing campaigns and chart their reduction in phish click rates – all in just a few clicks.
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How it works

  • Identify employee phishing vulnerabilities before the attackers do by scheduling and sending advanced phishing tests to employees with our market-leading phishing software
  • Employees who click phishing material and fail a phishing test are directed to training material of your choice
  • Use our real-time campaign reporting and analytics to easily identify employees who failed phishing tests and who require additional security awareness training.
  • Send further phishing tests to test (and re-test) your employees’ susceptibility to social engineering and phishing related threats.
  • Chart the gradual reduction in phish click rates

Protect Against Business Email Compromise (BEC)

CanIPhish’s free phishing simulation tools protect against two of the most popular business email compromise techniques.

Email spoofing Using our free email spoofing test tool you can discover vulnerabilities in your email supply chain and identify vulnerable SPF & DMARC configurations on any domain. Use the output to protect your business and transition from discovery into phishing awareness training by protecting against…

Spear-phishing Using our easy to use, market leading free phishing simulation platform. Conduct phishing training with your employees by sending realistic phishing tests that allow you to identify employees susceptible to phishing threats and avoid potential phishing attacks.
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For Every Business Size

Social Engineering Training

Traditionally phishing simulations have been reserved for large businesses using managed service providers who charge tens of thousands of dollars to pay their sales staff and provide demos on legacy phishing software that’s complicated and slow. Phishing is evolving. You need a phishing simulation platform that evolves with you.

At CanIPhish we know that in the current threat landscape, every company needs a robust social engineering training programme to meet compliance mandates and protect against the latest phishing attacks. We’re passionate about delivering phishing training to everyone, whether you have 10 employees or 3,000. We have the most accessible and cost-effective phishing simulation software in the world.

Social Engineering and Phishing Training - Features

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Schedule and Customise

Take control of your phishing campaigns with flexible scheduling and customisation for your phishing emails, websites and sender profiles.

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Directory Integrations

Import employees manually via CSV or automatically through our directory synchronisation with Azure AD & Google Workspace.

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Cloud-based SaaS

You don’t need to pay or manage infrastructure. Simply sign-up and begin sending in minutes. No trial period, no credit card, no sales calls, no commitments.

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Advanced Real-Time Reporting

Track campaigns in real-time, schedule reports and monitor your month-by-month progress with declining phish click rates.

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Save Time and Money

Whether you have 10 employees or 3,000, CanIPhish is the most cost-effective phishing simulation and phishing awareness training platform on the market.

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Modern and Intuitive

A best-in-class intuitive interface with no training required. We maintain a detailed knowledge base and provide support by email, chat or phone.