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CanIPhish provides the world's first self-service phishing simulation platform. Sign-up for free and instantly access our easy to use, market-leading software. To get started you don't need any credit cards, sales calls, commitments or training.

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The New Benchmark in Phishing Simulation & Training

Are you looking for cost-effective phishing simulations? Tired of spending thousands on legacy phishing simulation software that’s complicated and slow? Entering the phishing simulation market for the first time? Confused by all the trials, sales calls and complicated onboarding?

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Instant Access

Sign-up in minutes and begin sending. No trial period, no credit card, no sales calls, no commitments.

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Save Time and Money

Whether you’re on our free or professional plans, CanIPhish is the most cost effective phishing simulation platform on the market.

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Modern and Intuitive

A best-in-class intuitive interface with no training required. We maintain a detailed knowledge base and provide support by email, chat or phone.

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Scalable and Customisable

Take control of your phishing campaigns with customisable phishing emails, websites, sender profiles and delivery frequencies.

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Modern Phishing Templates

Create your own phishing material or choose from our regularly updated library of phishing websites and emails.

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Advanced Real-Time Reporting

Track campaigns in real-time, schedule reports and monitor your month-by-month progress with declining phish click rates.

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Looking to stop phishing attacks before they hit an inbox?

Protecting against phishing attacks requires a good balance of simulation and detective toolings. Take a look at what the most popular Mail Gateways, Spam Filters and Malware Filters are.

3860 Organisations Analysed
Examined 3814 Mail Gateways
Examined 3516 Spam Filters
Examined 3302 Malware Filters
All statistics are updated daily.
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1. Microsoft Exchange Online: 52% 2. Microsoft Exchange On-Premise: 30% 3. Postfix Mail Server: 10% 4. Google Mail: 8%
1. Exchange Online Protection: 51% 2. Proofpoint SEG: 14% 3. Mimecast SEG: 11% 4. Cisco IronPort: 10% 5. Google Mail: 9% 6. Barracuda Email Security: 3% 7. Symantec MessageLabs: 3% 8. Trend Micro HES: 3% 9. Forcepoint Cloud: 1% 10. FireEye ETP Cloud: 1%
1. Exchange Online Protection: 54% 2. Proofpoint SEG: 15% 3. Mimecast SEG: 11% 4. Google Mail: 10% 5. Sophos AV: 8% 6. Barracuda Email Security: 3% 7. McAfee AV: 2% 8. Forcepoint Cloud: 1% 9. Symantec MessageLabs: 1% 10. FireEye MX: 1% 11. FireEye ETP Cloud: 1%

What can we do for you?

Simulate Phishing

Phishing Simulate Threats

By blending social engineering with realistic phishing material that continually updates with the latest trends.

Train Employees

Phishing Training Employees

Through custom-made security awareness training videos and guided tours on how to spot the phish.

Refine & Improve

Phishing Refine and Improve

Track, train & improve the security awareness of your employees while also continually meeting compliance obligations.

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