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Are you looking for cost-effective phishing simulations and security awareness training? Tired of spending thousands on legacy software that’s complicated and slow? Looking to run your first cyber security training campaign? Confused by all the trials, sales calls and complicated onboarding?

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Whether you’re on our free or paid subscriptions, CanIPhish provides the most cost effective security awareness training platform on the market.

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An easy-to-use platform with a guided experience including welcome checklists, knowledge base articles and walkthrough videos.

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Integrated eLearning Platform

Assign micro-learnings that can be completed in under 10 minutes to employees who fall for periodic simulated phishing emails.

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Modern Phishing Themes

Create your own phishing material or choose from our regularly updated library of phishing websites and emails.

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Advanced Real-Time Reporting

Track campaigns in real-time, schedule reports and monitor your month-by-month progress with declining phish click rates.

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Curious what's in our phishing email and website libraries?

A simulated phishing attack compromises of three components. The email, who it appears to come from and where the payload leads to. Each of these can be configured in CanIPhish.

Globally and locally themed Phishing Emails
Hosted Phishing Websites maintained by CanIPhish
Use our crafted Sender Profiles or create your own
Bundle all three together to craft the perfect phish!
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1. OneDrive-Excel-Share: OneDrive Excel File Share. 2. OneDrive-Word-Share: OneDrive Word File Share. 3. Dropbox-Verify-Login: Dropbox Login Verification. 4. Facebook-Verify-Login: Facebook Login Verification. 5. Gmail-Blocked-Login: Gmail Login Attempt Blocked. 6. Linkedin-Password-Reset: LinkedIn Password Reset Request. 7. Paypal-Verify-Login: Paypal Login Verification. 8. CommBank-Unread-Message: CommBank Unread Message Notification. 9. Govia-Tax-Invoice: Go via Tax Invoice Download. 10. Groupon-Deals: Groupon Deals Notification. 11. JIRA-Notification: Jira new task notification. 12. Concur-WFH-Payment: Concur payment for WFH setup 13. Booking-Vacation-Agreement: HR sponsored vacation booking 14. Update-Your-Badge: Health employees need an updated ID badge 15. BTC-Account-Deposit: BTC Purchase Receipt 16. Women-Equality-Day: Google is celebrating Women's Equality Day 17. Office-Holiday-Party: Google Drive file share for office party 18. HSBC-Account-Locked: HSBC Account Locked Notification 19. AFP-Subpoena: AFP Subpoena with attachment notification 20. Job-Opportunity: Sales job opportunity attachment 21. COVID19-Work-Survey: COVID19 return to work survey attachment 22. Ebay-Item-Purchase: Ebay item purchase via Paypal 23. Concur-Expense-Report: Expense report approved 24. AusPost-Shipping-Confirmation: AusPost delivery failed 25. CapitalOne-Card-Confirmation: CapitalOne Card Request Confirmation 26. Bell-Canada-Account-Lock: Bell Canada Account Lockout Notification 27. FedEx-Shipment-Tracking: FedEx Shipment Tracking Notification 28. Verizon-Service-Suspended: Verizon Account Suspension Notification 29. Amazon-Black-Friday: Amazon Black Friday Promotion Notification 30. Canada-Post-Parcel: Canada Post delivery failure 31. DocuSign-Sign-Document: DocuSign expense declaration signature 32. Instagram-Verify-Login: Instagram unusual login activity 33. Netflix-Reset-Password: Netflix password expiration notification 34. Salesforce-Reset-Password: Salesforce password expiration notification 35. Starbucks-App: Starbucks app notification 36. Zoom-Invite: Zoom group invitation 37. Qantas-Unusual-Login: Qantas unusual login activity 38. Uber-New-Device: New device sign-in for Uber account 39. Deliveroo-New-Address: New address registered on Deliveroo account 40. Spam-Filter-Quarantine: Emails quarantined pending release 41. GitHub-OAuth-App: An OAuth App has been added to your account 42. African-Bank-Unread-Message: African Bank Unread Message Notification. 43. Office365-Password-Reset: Password reset code for an Office365 account. 44. Slack-Password-Reset: Slack password reset request 45. AMEX-Card-Confirmation: American Express new card request 46. STC-Service-Suspended: STC Account Suspension Notification 47. ADCB-Unread-Message: ADCB Unread Message Notification. 48. Google-Meeting-Invite: Google Meeting Invitation 49. CRA-Payment-Form: Download your CRA payment form 50. Xero-Profit-Loss-Statement: Quarterly company profit and loss statement 51. Xero-Password-Expiry: Xero password is expiring soon. 52. Lyft-Company-Rides: Free company rides. 53. Business-Opportunity-Reply-To: Promises a lucrative business opportunity. 54. Conference-Attendance-Reply-To: Using a fake email chain to trick employees. 55. 1Password-Password-Change: Password change request for 1Password. 56. Bitwarden-New-Device: Bitwarden new device login notification. 57. Dashlane-New-Device: Dashlane new device authentication code. 58. LastPass-Login-Allowed: LastPass allowed a recent login attempt. 59. Prezzee-Gift-Card: Prezzee gift card sent from company. 60. Stripe-Password-Update: Stripe password updated. 61. Trello-Workspace-Invitation: Trello workspace invitation. 62. Zendesk-Password-Reset: Zendesk Password Reset Request 63. Zendesk-Offline-Chat: Zendesk offline chat message
1. Office365-Login: Masquerading as the Office 365 login portal. 2. Google-Login: Masquerading as the Google login portal. 3. Dropbox-Login: Masquerading as the Dropbox login portal. 4. LinkedIn-Login: Masquerading as the LinkedIn login portal. 5. Paypal-Login: Masquerading as the Paypal login portal. 6. Facebook-Login: Masquerading as the Facebook login portal. 7. CommBank-Login: Masquerading as the CommBank login portal. 8. Concur-Login: Masquerading as the Concur login portal. 9. EBay-Login: Masquerading as the EBay login portal. 10. Govia-Login: Masquerading as the Govia login portal. 11. JIRA-Login: Masquerading as the JIRA login portal. 12. HSBC-Login: Masquerading as the HSBC login portal. 13. Bell-Canada-Login: Masquerading as the Bell Canada login portal. 14. FedEx-Login: Masquerading as the FedEx login portal. 15. Capital-One-Login: Masquerading as the Capital One login portal. 16. Verizon-Login: Masquerading as the Verizon login portal. 17. Generic-Login: Masquerading as a generic company login portal. 18. DocuSign-Login: Masquerading as the DocuSign login portal. 19. Zoom-Login: Masquerading as the Zoom login portal. 20. Netflix-Login: Masquerading as the Netflix login portal. 21. Canada-Post-Login: Masquerading as the Canada Post login portal. 22. Instagram-Login: Masquerading as the Instagram login portal. 23. Qantas-Login: Masquerading as the Qantas login portal. 24. Uber-Login: Masquerading as the Uber login portal. 25. Deliveroo-Login: Masquerading as the Deliveroo login portal. 26. Okta-Login: Masquerading as the Okta login portal. 27. GitHub-Login: Masquerading as the GitHub login portal. 28. African-Bank-Login: Masquerading as the African Bank login portal. 29. Office365-MFA-Login: Masquerading as the Office365 MFA Login portal. 30. Slack-Login: Masquerading as the Slack Login portal. 31. STC-Login: Masquerading as the Saudi Telecom Company Login portal. 32. AMEX-Login: Masquerading as the American Express Login portal. 33. ADCB-Login: Masquerading as the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Login portal. 34. Canada-Revenue-Login: Masquerading as the Canada Revenue Agency portal. 35. Xero-Login: Masquerading as the Xero Login portal. 36. 1Password-Login: Masquerading as the 1Password Login portal. 37. Bitwarden-Login: Masquerading as the Bitwarden Login portal. 38. Dashlane-Login: Masquerading as the Dashlane Login portal. 39. LastPass-Login: Masquerading as the LastPass Login portal. 40. Prezzee-Login: Masquerading as the Prezzee Login portal. 41. Stripe-Login: Masquerading as the Stripe Login portal. 42. Zendesk-Login: Masquerading as the Zendesk Login portal. 43. Blank-Webpage: Simply a blank webpage. 44. User Awareness Training: User awareness training page displayed upon target compromise.
1. Desktop Support <desktop-support@securesupportcloud[.]com> 2. Cloud Support <cloud@alerting-services[.]com> 3. Office365 Support <support@office-365-notifications[.]com> 4. Commonwealth Bank <commbank-accounts@webnotifications[.]net> 5. Govia <govia-online@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 6. Groupon New Year Bonus <groupon-deals@alerting-services[.]com> 7. JIRA Alerts <jira-alerts@webnotifications[.]net> 8. HR Employee Benefits <human-resources@webnotifications[.]net> 9. Paypal Support <support@paypaypal[.]net> 10. Google Notifications <google-support@webnotifications[.]net> 11. HSBC Online <hsbc-alerts@authwebmail[.]com> 12. eHealth Support <health-care@webnotifications[.]net> 13. Crypto Receipts <crypto-receipts@paypaypal[.]net> 14. Dropbox Support <dropbox@alerting-services[.]com> 15. LinkedIn Support <linkedin@alerting-services[.]com> 16. Facebook Support <facebook@alerting-services[.]com> 17. Talent Acquisition <talent-acquisition@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 18. Australian Federal Police <afp-subpoenas@alerting-services[.]com> 19. Workplace Alert <workplace-alerts@webnotifications[.]net> 20. Concur Expenses <concur@webnotifications[.]net> 21. Australia Post <auspost-deliveries@cmail31[.]com> 22. Bell Canada <bell-canada@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 23. FedEx Online <fedex-online@webnotifications[.]net> 24. Capital One <capital-one@securesupportcloud[.]com> 25. Verizon Online <verizon@authwebmail[.]com> 26. Salesforce Notifications <salesforce@alerting-services[.]com> 27. Netflix Password Reset <netflix@webnotifications[.]net> 28. Amazon Black Friday <amazon@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 29. Starbucks Amazon App <starbucks@cmail31[.]com> 30. Canada Post <canada-post@webnotifications[.]net> 31. Zoom Invite <zoom[.]invites@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 32. DocuSign Notifications <docusign@webnotifications[.]net> 33. Instagram Notifications <instagram@webnotifications[.]net> 34. Qantas Alerts <qantas@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 35. Deliveroo Notifications <deliveroo@webnotifications[.]net> 36. Spam Filter <spam_filter@alerting-services[.]com> 37. Uber Alerts <uber@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 38. GitHub <github@alerting-services[.]com> 39. African Bank <african-bank@alerting-services[.]com> 40. Slack <slack@webnotifications[.]net> 41. American Express <american-express@alerting-services[.]com> 42. Saudi Telecom <saudi-telecom-company@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 43. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank <adcb@authwebmail[.]com> 44. Google Calendar <google-calendar@webnotifications[.]net> 45. DoNotReply/NePasRepondre (CRA/ARC) <CRA-do-net-reply-ARC@cmail31[.]com> 46. Xero <noreply-xero@webnotifications[.]net> 47. Executive Recruitment <william[.]klaus@authwebmail[.]com> 48. Sarah Williams <sarah[.]williams@securesupportcloud[.]com> 49. 1Password <hello[.]1password@webnotifications[.]net> 50. Bitwarden <no-reply[.]bitwarden@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 51. Dashlane <no-reply[.]dashlane@alerting-services[.]com> 52. Lastpass <support[.]lastpass@alerting-services[.]com> 53. Prezzee <gifts[.]prezzee@webnotifications[.]net> 54. Stripe <stripe@cloud-notification-services[.]com> 55. Trello <workspace[.]trello@cmail31[.]com> 56. Zendesk <zendesk@alerting-services[.]com>
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A good and affordable solution compared to other phishing tools on the market.

A powerful and realistic employee training solution with many phishing templates.

Loving it! A very easy to use product and the support is 10 out of 10!

It just works! The platform does everything you need without 10,000 useless features.

CanIPhish is a very simple to use tool that has world class simulated phishing tools.

Services available for free is astonishing!!! IMHO, the best tool for small businesses

The software is easy to use and does not require many configuration changes.

CanIPhish is a great way to bench mark where employee's security awareness is.

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